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Leadership Education | EFS Affiliate Program

Affiliate Tools

Here are the tools that you can use to
promote EFS Events and Classes!

Step 1: Register as an Affiliate via www.RheasAffiliateCenter.com

  • Already an affiliate?? Use the Right-hand column and follow the Directions: To Get Your Affiliate Link for Rhea's Beach Retreat.

  • Becoming a NEW AFFILIATE?? Use the Left-hand column, and click on the Join Here >> button which takes you to the Affiliate Signup Form to complete. [Note: Doublecheck that email address you put in!]
    Now browse over again to www.RheasAffiliateCenter.com and use the top Right-hand column LOGIN to Get Your Affiliate Link for Rhea's Beach Retreat from the Links&Tools tab at the top.
    (see How-To video below!)

Step 2: Find and Copy Your Program Affiliate ID
Look at that long link that was created for you personally by the system.
At the end of that link, after the = sign, is Your Program Affiliate ID. That is, the numbers after the Clk=####### -- copy just those last numbers!

Step 3: Enter Your Program Affiliate ID Into the Box Below.

Step 4: Click on the Button That Says "Show My Affiliate Tools."

Step 5: Select an Affiliate Tool From the List Below.

Step 6: Copy the Code That is Generated.
It is 'populated' with your affiliate ID and you can use it right away.

Step 7: Join Us in the Forum.
Join us in the Guest Expert Forum of EducatingForSuccess.com to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

Step 8: Get started today!

Enter Your Affiliate Code: